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I believe in all that Aristotle has to say about perfection coming from potential and involving reality. This is what I believe and not just that everything either comes perfect or not at all. One thing I don’t agree with is the fact that Aristotle is basically calling out animals for being dumb creatures with no brain in comparison to humans. I disagree with this concept only because various animals show intelligence above some people in this world including monkeys who are supposed to be closest to humans in thinking and physical characteristics. I understand Aristotle’s theory of cause but I don’t believe it creates a story for which things exist because many things including rain have multiple purposes even if it’s just to clean dirt off the roof after a long cold winter. I believe in the cynics’ believe solely because it is how I live my life almost every day- sort of like believing in fate.  At this point in the book I am intrigued to know who Hilde is as much as the main character. Saint Augustine picks up the belief the many people often get stuck in which is the free will of God – God created man with freewill with the expectancy to do the “right” thing so people wouldn’t end up in hell.  Martin Luther is spoke about in the last chapter summing up Christianity in a way that is not radical but able to question the world which makes me wonder what was considered radical and if you were radical were you considered a Protestantism.

In this chapter I can’t relate to Sophie seeming that she is anticipating a clear answer from whoever has been writing her. She has bits and pieces and has experienced things she can’t explain yet she is just put in a place of wonder. Like Sophie I would not only be a little anxious but also a little freaked out just because most of the things that seem to be going on can be related to paranormal viewings, ghosts, or imaginary friends. I believe just like the mother thinks her daughter is a little crazy many other people would too if the word got out. Also like me Sophie has to tell that one friend. The one friend pretty much believes her and the story saying she knows and in fact seems to have experienced the house of Alberto. This house and the fact that  things pop up more than just coincidentally makes me wonder why Sophie is not freaking out yet and also takes me back to in class and also in the beginning of the book where it has been stated that different ages of people will look at an experience different. Specifically we talked about younger children thinking everything is cool because they experience new things every day, yet they don’t know what is real and what is not. On the other hand older people such as Sophie’s mom become positive that Sophie is going insane because to the mother there is no way what Sophie is explaining is real


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